Mark E. Sackett has no plans to sit still anytime soon. He owns 13 related creative businesses, lives in San Francisco and in seat 3E on United Airlines. He thrives on being inventive daily as he works in Entertainment, Media, Branding, Advertising, Print, Packaging, Identity, Graphic Design, Interactive/On-Line and Website Design, Film Production, Music, Concert Production/ Events, and Television. He has been a Graphic Designer/Director/Producer for over 38 years with more than 1500 awards to his credit. Mark consults with CEOs, Venture Capitalists, Brand Owners, and Entrepreneurs around the world to grow their brands, investments, companies, and profits.

As a Director/Producer/Art Director, award-winning Graphic Designer and President of The Idea Stone and Reflectur, he is widely published and is a well-known public speaker.

As the Founder of Brainfood Creative Programs, he is a thought leader who helps people live more creative lives by teaching them about what he calls “Left of Center Thinking” through his one-on-one and team “Brainfood” trainings and seminars worldwide. Brainfood Creative Programs also produces “The Art of Active Networking” worldwide as a way to help entrepreneurs, business people and individuals make stronger, deeper connections using social media and the power of genuine giving relationships through his concept of #MyGive4.

As Creator and Founder of The Box SF and Stage 24 Productions he produces events, speakers series, seminars, concerts, food and wine events, weddings and more. He brings artists and businesses together into a collaborative, engaging space in his San Francisco studios. His film studio, Articulation Films, produces films with 5–20 million dollar budgets and his recording label, Republic of Sound, helps singers and songwriters get their music to the masses through beautiful production and extraordinary branding and marketing.

Mark believes that best-of-class branding and marketing, paired with ethical business practices and out-of-the-box creative solutions, are the keys to sustained business. Mark serves as a board member or advisory board member to multiple non-profits, believes in giving back to the community, and has recently launched (a unique new way for people to donate to charity) that will eventually give billions of dollars a year to those in need, through this unique new model of giving.

He thrives on meeting and doing business with those who do things right: by caring about people, animals, and our planet! He understands well that money is not always the primary driver to success and that relationship and reputation are. Mark knows his stuff and can navigate complex problems and help clients arrive at workable and creative solutions. He loves wine, mixology, plays the drums, is an avid collector of books, antique paper, photography, and life experience!

He loves nothing more than sitting with folks, learning about them, and sharing his creative life and ideas by wandering around—Instagraming and dipping his toe into something new so he can constantly learn new things and absorb new images, tastes, sounds, and experiences.

Mark is the consummate social networker and connector. You can find him on over 100 networks. Just Google him as “Mark E. Sackett”. He welcomes you to add him on Facebook, Linked In, Stage 32, or any of the networks you use. You can also add his many Facebook fan and group pages or follow any of his Twitter, Instagram or social media accounts listed to the right.

Most of all, Mark hopes to connect with you and more importantly to energize you toward the notion that you too can live a more creative, passionate, exciting life!

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